At the School of Data Science, we are building a 21st-century academical village.

Our faculty, staff, researchers, and students are working with other Schools and units across Grounds and beyond to make discoveries, share knowledge, and build stronger communities. Collaboration is at the heart of the School's foundation.


Through a network of collaboratories—research groups crossing disciplinary boundaries to use the power of data science to advance every field—we are creating an interdisciplinary ecosystem of people, ideas, and infrastructure. By coordinating with School of Data Science centers dedicated to the core areas of data science, we will connect the cutting edge of the field to high-impact domain areas. 

This foundational structure will meaningfully support dynamic research and academic programs that build bridges between disciplines and make advancements no school can make alone. Three are currently being built in partnership with the schools of Medicine, Education, and Architecture, with plans to establish collaboratories in every School on Grounds, and at UVA-Wise and in Northern Virginia.

Capstone Projects

The cornerstone of the Master of Science in Data Science program is a consulting project that pairs teams of graduate students with industry, academic, and community sponsors to apply data science tools and techniques to solve real-world issues. Sponsors are vital partners in these projects, providing data sets, guidance and orientation to the teams. Each student team is advised by a faculty member who has experience in the techniques and data types specific to the project.

Sponsoring organizations gain valuable insights about their operations, and often also find this interaction a valuable way of assessing students for future employment. 

To learn more about sponsoring a capstone project, email Associate Director of Research Development Claudia Scholz.

Presidential Fellows

In collaboration with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, the School of Data Science runs the Presidential Fellowships in Data Science program. 

Started with support from the Jefferson Trust, this program creates opportunities for graduate students in varying disciplines to work together on collaborative, multi-disciplinary research projects that address real-world problems using traditional research methods along with cutting-edge data science tools and techniques.

For more information about the fellowships, visit the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Presidential Fellowships in Data Science.         

Academic Programs and Initiatives

At the School, we are integrating with and supporting courses with a data-science component in schools and departments across Grounds, and advising and collaborating with schools on new data-science educational initiatives. We are also working with departments, units and schools to hire joint faculty and researchers who work across disciplines and apply data science in strategic domains.

To learn more about how University faculty, researchers, and staff can get involved with the School of Data Science, email Associate Director of Research Development Claudia Scholz.

Funding opportunities

The School of Data Science helps unite researchers from a wide range of disciplines to conduct groundbreaking research. 

In partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Research, the School helps make connections for researchers to gain access to grants and other funding opportunities. 

Get in touch with us to learn more.